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Boost your expertise in public and private workshops. The Knowledge Services from our Materials team provides education solutions that help promote safer living and working environments, keeping pace with new technologies and empowering customers to innovate, improve speed to market and enhance overall product and employee safety.

Influence of 3D Printing on Safety-Critical Polymer Performance Properties

Free Webinar

Thursday, Dec. 12th, 2019 – @ 9:00am CST – Register here

UL R&D Manager Thomas Fabian and Senior Staff Engineer Kenneth R. Vessey will share UL’s latest research findings on the impact of 3D printing on safety-critical printed part properties. Flammability, ignition, and electrical properties were investigated for different 3D printing parameters; results were also compared to conventional, injection molded samples. Based on these new findings combined with known mechanical behavior, UL will highlight its Certified Plastics for Additive Manufacturing Program, an approach to ensure the safety, quality and performance of 3D printed materials and components in end products.

Plastics - and the right selection in accordance with UL 94 & UL 746A-D 

11/13 – 11/14/19 Krefeld, Germany – read more and register here

This plastics seminar provides a complete overview of how UL evaluates plastics used in end-product applications. You will discuss test methods and the interpretation of test results, as well as reasons defining the need of these tests.

Using the Blue Card Program for 3D Printed Products

On Demand Webinar - register here

Mechanical properties of 3D printed materials have repeatedly been demonstrated to significantly vary based on how test specimens were printed. These variations are substantially greater than for conventional injection molded samples. There is a lack of knowledge, however, on the influence of 3D printing on ignition, flammability and electrical material properties associated with UL safety standards.

UL will share its latest research findings on the impact of 3D printing on safety-critical printed part properties and highlight an approach for acceptance of 3D printed materials and components in end products.

Substance Restrictions for Materials: New RoHS & Non-Halogen Updates

On Demand Webinar - learn more and register here

This on demand webinar provides an update on the EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) law, a discussion on halogenated material content concerns, related IEC standards activities and UL Certification solutions. It is an one-hour informative session that includes a Q&A at the end.

Certification Standards and Evaluation of Electrical Insulation Systems

A free 3-Session Webinar Series based on UL 1446

On Demand Webinar – read more and register here

High reliability and performance are the foundation of a quality product. To achieve this, it is imperative that high-quality electrical insulation materials (EIM) and electrical insulation systems (EIS) are used and thoroughly reviewed when building magnetic devices, including motors, transformers, generators, and solenoids.

Deepen your knowledge on certification standards and evaluation of EIS for safety and performance through UL’s free three session webinar series.

Suitability and Compliance of Marking and Labeling Systems on UL Certified Products

On Demand Webinar – read more and register here

This online course provides an overview of labels that bear safety-related information, standards that address permanence of marking, the testing and evaluation criteria within those standards, and the tools to source compliant marking and labeling systems. Specific recommendations for product manufacturers, label converters, and printers are also provided.