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SGB-SMIT Case Study

Did you know there are high-voltage certification solutions which take only a year?

SGB-SMIT Group is the first success story of the UL and ELTEK partnership


UL and ELTEK International Laboratories have put their heads together to offer streamlined testing and certification solutions for high-voltage (HV) electrical insulation systems (EIS). The UL HV certification assures specifiers and end-users that a product has been certified to meet global standards. UL and ELTEK’s simplified approach to HV projects brings significant advantages – and a pilot project with SGB-SMIT proves it.

A true WIN for the customer, a WIN for the testing laboratory and a WIN for UL.

SGB-SMIT Group, a leading power transformers manufacturer, recently turned to UL and ELTEK for a fast solution to their HV testing and certifications needs. The electrical insulation systems in HV transformers for data centers and windmills needed to evaluated through a thermal endurance test, to gain access to North American markets.

Previous in-house attempts to tackle testing were too complicated and other partners offered limited services. The two-phased approach of “Program Assessment” and “Testing & Certification” designed by UL and ELTEK dramatically simplified the process, providing a faster and more effective approach.

The new approach advances from:

  • project design, development of the test procedure and protocol, test specimen construction,
  • to implementation, full long-term testing,
  • and finally evaluation of results, and UL certification.

Although there were numerous parts and aspects to be tested, the certification process was complete within one year. That’s a big improvement over the standard 3-5 years needed for the testing and certification of high-voltage (HV) electrical insulation systems (EIS)!

A chat with Lother Stuber at the SGB-SMIT Group sheds light on some more advantages.

Lothar Stuber, SGB-SMIT Group

“UL and ELTEK undertook defined pre-tests, which were essential for the success and accuracy of the certification testing. For example, they defined the correct testing temperature needed. The testing temperature is very important, because if it’s too high, tests exhibit an artificial wear and tear. If the temperature is too low, then it simply doesn’t work. This pre-testing saved us a lot of time and trouble down the line.” 
Lothar Stuber, SGB-SMIT Group

With UL and ELTEK solutions, SGB-SMIT is the first over the line into new markets

Lother Stuber can’t stress enough how much the UL and ELTEK process helped SGB-SMIT gain access to critical North American markets. First, the UL Mark is recognized and respected in the U.S. and Canadian markets – so much so that suppliers and customers frequently request it.

Secondly, the speed of the solution – bringing SGB-SMIT first over the line, and well ahead of its competitors – offers advantages on many levels. When SGB-SMIT can deliver their products faster to market, their customers then can move ahead more quickly with their sales.

Stuber points out that with SGB-SMIT well ahead of other transformer providers in new markets, it has an improved opportunity to gain a foothold and build a reputation. Competitors will certainly soon learn about the UL and ELTEK advantage, but SGB-SMIT is happy to be ahead of the pack and looks forward to ‘transforming’ their market presence in North America.

“It is a huge advantage to be certified by UL and to be able to display the UL Mark. Others don’t have this yet, because the tests with other providers were too laborious and costly, so they’ve put it off.”
Lothar Stuber, SGB-SMIT Group

SGB-SMIT Group – a global leader in power transformers manufacturing

Since 1913, the SGB-SMIT Group in Regensburg, Germany has built up a now international reputation as a manufacturer of power transformers (50 kVA up to 1,200 MVA). The success of the company rests on a strategy focused on high-quality standards for engineering and manufacturing, realizing customers’ needs, and delivering products quickly and reliably.

Expertise built up over decades serves a wide range of industries and applications:

  • Large power transformers for power plants and transformer stations
  • Medium power transformers for power plants
  • Oil Distribution transformers for local grids and transformer stations
  • Cast Resin transformers for industrial applications and wind mills

SGB-SMIT Group has locations all over the world and works closely with dozens of international customers, suppliers and partners.