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Leistritz Extruder

More testing flexibility – Leistritz extruder enables small-batch granule production.

Can the ZSE 27 MAXX twin screw extruder really help my business?

Customers can now use the expanded customization capabilities of UL Thermoplastics Testing Center (UL TTC) to better meet their needs. Through a new technological cooperation with Leistritz Extrusionstechnik GmbH, Nuremburg, Germany, UL TTC can produce smaller batches of granules, and offer a faster, more flexible plastics testing process.

The new Leistritz equipment at UL TTC includes a ZSE 27 MAXX twin screw extruder, a feeding system from Brabender and an underwater pelletizer from ECON. Due to its great adaptability, the extruder easily allows for tailored adjustments that more precisely meet the needs of customer-specific thermoplastic applications. This dramatically expands UL TTC capabilities for extrusion, pelletizing and injection molding.

UL TTC Leistritz

Compounding at UL TTC features fully equipped production lines for the compounding of standard polymers and engineering thermoplastics in quantities ranging from 1 to 200 kilograms.

The nitty gritty – customized service for every need

Customers utilizing the lab in Krefeld, Germany, benefit not only in the area of formulation development, but also in the production of samples and small batches. The variability of the Leistritz extruder allows every production run to be adapted and customized to fit.

This means that the compounding services at UL TTC can aid in the development of new material formulations through as-needed production of small test batches or small series volumes. In addition, compounding customers can leverage the full-service range at UL TTC, which also includes test specimen production, as well as testing at a single location. 

Bringing it all together for you – in Krefeld

In addition, market-leading UL TTC offers an injection-molding lab with a broad range of technical possibilities for measuring and optimizing process parameters. The creation of various standard specimens as well as customer-specific geometries is also part of the service portfolio.

Manufacturers who work with UL early on in their product development projects can also benefit from accelerated time-to-market and reduced product development costs, while gaining greater control over testing and approvals from start to finish.  

Installation of the Leistritz ZSE 27 MAXX twin screw extruder in Krefeld