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About UL Performance Materials

Do your markets demand high-quality performance materials that perform well and safely? We can help. UL's global Performance Materials business provides testing, certification and client support services to manufacturers and users of plastics, electrical insulation system, labeling systems, gaskets and seals and coatings.

»Do I know you? You look familiar… Yes, you do.«
We are UL’s Performance Materials Division. If you’ve been in plastics as long as we have – over 70 years – you’ve surely heard of us before. Even more likely, you’ve seen UL labeling on a container, or grabbed a gasket evaluated by UL, or handled UL safety-certified electrical insulation wires. UL is at work in many industries, manufacturing plants and workplaces. 

»Yes, I remember you. But why don’t I hear more about you?«
Because no news means good news. The sound of top-of-the-line safety and quality is silence, or at least the steady hum of products at work. People only get loud when they need to make a complaint, and then they look for the responsible party. 

UL’s Performance Materials Division has been quietly serving the world’s top manufacturers since 1941, but, of course, despite all the quiet success, the UL brand is widely-recognized for high-quality in the plastics and performance materials industry. 

»I have heard you are good, but what exactly do you do?«
UL’s Performance Materials Division addresses safety concerns, such as a material’s contribution to fire and electric shock. We evaluate a material’s performance under a variety of stresses (temperature, weather conditions, chemical exposures, etc.). 

»Well, what’s the point of that?«
Ultimately, our material safety and performance testing provides you with the data you need to make smart decisions about what material to use, as well as when and how to use it. UL’s comprehensive testing, certification, assessment, and regulatory compliance services help ensure the safety with materials and components in the final end product.

»That’s good, of course! Which materials do you test?«
Coatings, electrical insulation system (EIS), marking and labeling, gaskets & seals, plastics – that may sound like a short list, but it brings UL into the heart of nearly every industry. 

Demand for high-quality performance materials comes from a wide and diverse range of manufacturers, from automotive to consumer products and E&E to medical devices. 

So UL has created services that uniquely match each segment to the needs of any industry application. Read on for the basic services from UL’s Performance Material Division.


UL tests and certifies standardized, engineering and high performance polymeric materials for compliance to global standards intended to mitigate the risks of fire, electric shock, personal injury and environmental hazards.

Gaskets & Seals
UL’s certification program evaluates non-metallic gasket and seal materials such as elastomers, composite gasket material, flexible cellular material, thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers for use as components and parts of end products.

UL’s certification program covers the evaluation of organic and metallic corrosion protection coatings of steel enclosures. UL might conduct a salt-spray (fog) test, moist carbon dioxide-sulfur dioxide-air test, and/or a light and water test for clear coatings, among other tests.

UL tests and certifies marking and labeling systems and materials for adherence to established performance requirements. Typical evaluations include comprehensive testing for permanency—such as curling, wrinkling, shrinkage or loss of adhesion.

Electrical Insulations Systems (EIS)
An electrical insulation system (EIS) is any uniquely specified combination of two or more insulating materials used in electrical equipment. Materials can be evaluated individually (EIM; electrical insulation materials) but are often evaluated as a complete EIS.

»This is great! But… can’t anybody do that?«
Not really. Besides, we partner with you to help you achieve your strategic visions. We start with an eye to the future and offer our in-depth knowledge on new and upcoming technology and materials. Then we plan a program of robust testing services – covering performance and safety – so products are market-ready. Working with UL can help make your products perform better. 

Our services are always modular and customized. We are not planning on hitting you over the head with a big package deal. We know this stuff and what works, and we want to fit the puzzle pieces together which help you achieve your big picture.  

»Sounds even better. But… Chicago is quite far away.«
Don’t worry. We’ll come to you. Or you can use our Lab Centers of Excellence and Engineering in Krefeld, Germany or Taipei, Taiwan (or in Northbrook, Illinois). We also have local Expert Labs in multiple European, North American and Asian locations.

UL Thermoplastics Testing Center, Germany

The UL Thermoplastics Testing Center (UL TTC) at Chempark in Krefeld-Uerdingen is a leading international supplier for compounding, test specimen production and testing and certification of innovative plastics – from polyolefins to high-performance thermoplastics.