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Yellow Card for Plastics

Your success is in the cards. Play them right.

The UL Yellow Card lists multiple safety and performance-related properties for a polymeric material tested by UL. The White Card allows you to promote your product‘s performance credentials to global markets.

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SGB-SMIT Case Study

Did you know there are high-voltage certification solutions which take only a year?

Leading transformers manufacturer SGB-SMIT really felt the demand for faster testing and certification of high-voltage electrical insulation systems. Good thing UL and ELTEK were there with the solution.

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Profile George J. Fechtmann

43 years of plastics safety and performance.

The material benefit of good people: Meet George J. Fechtmann, who has been making plastics safety and performance matter for 43 years.

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Automotive Testing

Want to satisfy automotive OEMs? Pull over at the UL station.

The best solution for plastics manufacturers is also the simplest, testing with UL. Our testing capabilities improve product reliability, increase efficiency along the entire automotive supply chain and accelerate time-to-market.

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Leistritz Extruder

More testing flexibility – Leistritz extruder enables small-batch granule production.

Thermoplastic testing in Krefeld just keeps getting better. The UL TTC lab now boasts a flexible Leistritz ZSE 27 MAXX Twin Screw Extruder – a machine of reference for research institutes worldwide.

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For safer High-Voltage Electrical Insulation Systems – two heads are better than one.

Can your high-voltage electrical systems take the heat?

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Marine Marking & Labeling

Safety at sea! These drum labels won’t peel off, or fade.

How can you ensure the durability of labels for the marine transport of hazardous materials?

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About UL Performance Materials

Do your markets demand high-quality performance materials that perform well and safely? We can help. UL's global Performance Materials business provides testing, certification and client support services to manufacturers and users of plastics, electrical insulation system, labeling systems, gaskets and seals and coatings.

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